What Starbucks says about its nutritional information

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Starbucks’ nutritional information has become a hot topic among health experts, as it is one of the largest retailers of processed foods.

In response, the company released a statement on Monday regarding its nutritional content, which it claims is “100% accurate”.

“Our commitment to transparency is at the core of our business and we’re excited to share that we are committed to transparency,” the company said in a statement.

“We believe the public needs to know that our nutritional information is based on real ingredients and is based upon the best scientific research available at the time of production.”

Starbucks also claimed that the company’s nutritional information was “not only up to date, but accurate and accurate for more than 150 years”.

The company added that its nutritional data was verified “by independent, independent third parties”.

“In 2017, we committed to providing the public with a more complete and up-to-date understanding of Starbucks’ products, ingredients and process to help consumers make informed choices,” the statement said.

Starbucks said it was “working with other health authorities to help them better understand and share information on food ingredients”.

The chain also said it has a “well-developed process for testing ingredients for safety and quality and we use them when making nutritional information and food-related claims”.

A Starbucks spokesperson told ABC News: “We have always maintained that our product labels are accurate and up to the latest science.”

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