‘Game of Thrones’ Producer: We Need to Bring ‘Star Wars’ to TV


THR article A producer for HBO’s Game of Thrones, who’s been on the show for a little over a year, told EW he wants to “bring [Star Wars] to television.”

In an exclusive interview with THR, the unnamed producer said he “couldn’t be happier” to work on a Game of Throne episode, but “we’ve got to do this on the level that we know we can.”

He added that he was excited about the upcoming season of Thrones as a whole, as it was “the most exciting season to date.”

The HBO producer, who is based in Los Angeles, said he and co-writer George R.R. Martin have been working on the project for months.

While the source didn’t elaborate on what the episode might be about, it was clear that Thrones was not going to be the only one on the list.