What is the CIA using to hack into Americans’ phone records?


The National Security Agency (NSA) has been trying to figure out how to penetrate the electronic infrastructure of America’s telephone companies, but the agency is still struggling to find a method that doesn’t rely on “directly accessing the servers of the telecoms companies.”

The NSA has been using the so-called “direct” method of hacking since at least 2011, when the agency used the same method to hack the computers of Apple.

The NSA has tried to use this method to steal information from its targets but has yet to succeed.

The NSA’s efforts have also been limited to specific targets, and the agency has had to resort to less secure methods.

In February, the agency revealed that it had been able to hack a Samsung smartphone through a program known as Prism.

Prism is a tool that the NSA uses to collect and analyze internet traffic that is routed through servers in the United States.

Prism collects the content of communication that is sent and received over the internet, and can analyze who is doing the sending and receiving.

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