Tourist information centre opens in Perth

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Perth, Western Australia – A tourist information centre in Perth has opened in the capital city after a year of construction.

Key points:The centre is expected to be open in February for the first timeIn March the facility will have a visitor centre staffed by local residentsThe centre has been in operation since 2014The centre will have around 300 visitors each monthThe centre’s manager, Sarah White, said the centre had been in the planning stages for about a year and had been waiting for approval from the city before it was even announced.

“It was a bit of a surprise when we heard the building was coming up for the last time,” she said.

“We were a bit apprehensive at first but we’ve done quite well in the last year.”

She said it had been a tough decision to open a tourist information center but said it was the right decision.

“Our aim is to make sure that the people who come through the centre are as comfortable as possible, so we’re really focused on the local residents.”

Ms White said a number of other projects were being planned around the Perth CBD, including a new visitor centre.

“The other part of the facility is actually a tourist attraction that is being planned, which is an outdoor attraction that will have an indoor area and a garden area, that will be open for the public,” she explained.

“So that is going to be part of it, and we are looking to start that at the end of March, so hopefully that will open up by the end

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