When it comes to your health information, a new app could change the way you look at it


A new app is hoping to give you more information about your health, by analyzing it for trends and patterns.

According to the startup, the app will gather information from a wide variety of sources, including social media, websites, and apps.

It will also offer analytics on the data, which it can use to create new products and improve your health.

The company is working on an open source version of the app that would make it open source and accessible to anyone who wants to.

When it comes on the horizon, the startup is launching an iOS app for iPhone and Android devices that will track how much time you spend online, how much you sleep, and how much exercise you do.

The company will also use data collected by its data analytics company, Datadog, to provide you with useful insights into your health and fitness.

What is information literacy?

Health information management is a term used to describe a range of services that help you understand and manage information about yourself, including information about medical conditions and health conditions.

The term is used to refer to any service that collects and processes health information about you and then uses that information to provide personalized recommendations for your health care.

Data analytics, a term coined by researchers at the University of Michigan, has been used in health care settings since the 1970s, and was first used to predict patients’ health outcomes in the 1980s.

But data analytics can also be used in settings outside of healthcare settings, and can also provide insights about individuals’ behaviors and patterns of behavior.

The health information management app, called the Health Information Literacy, app, is launching on Google Play on October 23, with plans to launch in iOS, Android, and Windows devices later that year.

“Health information is a universal resource that will help us improve and better understand health and health care outcomes for all,” the company said in a blog post.

“Using this technology to improve our health and improve our quality of life is something we’re very passionate about.”

How it worksThe app will collect data about your location, activity, and health status using your location data.

It can then use that information for recommendations and recommendations on how you might improve your condition.

It also collects information about the quality of your sleep and activity.

It will then analyze that data to create a series of apps, all of which will be open source, with the goal of providing you with information that will improve your life.

It is unclear how much data the app collects.

In addition, it will also collect your social media activity and health data.

Users will be able to use these data to make suggestions on how to improve their health, and then offer these suggestions to other users.

It’s unclear how many apps the app plans to offer.

The company also hopes to have its app on all devices, and said that it will not be available on smartphones or tablets.

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