The Top 10 Most Fascinating Moments From LeBron James’ Speech at the NBA Awards


A few weeks ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James delivered his first ever speech at the 2015 NBA Awards, which featured a selection of his biggest hits from the past two decades.

At the end of the speech, James took a few minutes to reflect on what his favorite moment was.

In a video of the event posted on Instagram, the Cavs star can be seen walking out to the microphone with his teammates.

LeBron is flanked by his two sons, LeBron Jr. and LaVar, who both appeared to be wearing their own LeBron James jerseys.

LeBron begins his speech with a few moments of silence, then takes his time introducing the crowd.

He begins by thanking everyone for their support throughout the year.

He then goes into his own thoughts about the awards show.

“It’s great to be here, and I appreciate the support I’ve received from all of you,” he says.

“So, here’s to another season of great basketball.

It’s been an incredible ride.

And I hope you can all continue to enjoy it.

Let’s go out together and enjoy the show.”

After saying his goodbyes, James then walked off the stage and into the crowd, where he continued talking about his favorite moments.

“I want to thank you for your support, because we’ve all been there for each other and we all got to come together to give back,” he said.

“That’s what we love about the game of basketball.

So thank you, everyone.

I want to give my best to everyone tonight.

And, just so we can all say, this is a momentous night.”

While the speech itself was memorable, it also wasn’t without some controversy.

James was asked about the controversy earlier this week, and he responded with some tough words about the media and his teammates, saying they shouldn’t be treated differently than any other athlete.

He also made a reference to the fact that he was booed during the ceremony for being too young to attend.

James said that the media had given him “some negative feedback” during the awards, and that it was a “big problem” for him.

He added that he did not know what it meant to boo.