How to get your money back if you’ve been fined $20,000


A California couple has sued the U.S. Postal Service and its parent company, USPS, alleging they were not reimbursed for a $20 million gift they received from the government in 2012.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges that USPS made false and misleading representations to USPS employees that it was not liable for the gift and the couple says it is seeking compensatory damages, restitution and an injunction to stop the mail service from continuing to provide the gift.

The couple’s attorney, Mark Clements, said in a statement that the lawsuit is seeking “a court order that USPS immediately reimburse the taxpayers for the money they paid.”

The Postal Service’s statement about the lawsuit was not immediately available.

The U.K.-based USPS also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The couple is among the estimated 8.5 million Americans who received the gift that was supposed to go to their spouses, children and other relatives.

It’s unclear if the couple, who live in Florida, will receive compensation from USPS, but the lawsuit says the couple has received a bill for $3,948.60 from the postal service.

The postal service also did no response to questions about the gifts.

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