When you think you can’t get an apartment, you’re probably right


Posted by Andrew Lebovich on January 10, 2018 11:04:37I recently moved to the suburbs from the big city to live with my boyfriend.

He’s a pretty average guy.

He likes to play video games and eats out a lot.

He lives with his parents, but has no real friends.

I’ve always had the illusion that living with my dad was a good thing, but it’s a lie.

It’s a nightmare, because my dad has an addiction to crack cocaine.

He smokes his first cigarette a day, smokes his last one in the evening.

His only time off is when he goes to the hospital for cancer treatments.

He gets in trouble with the law a lot for the same reason.

The other night, while we were walking around my new apartment, I noticed that my dad had a new drug on his face.

He looked pretty bad, so I asked him if it was OK.

He nodded and said he was OK, but he wanted to see if I could take it.

He put it in my hand and I tried to touch it.

It felt really weird and cold.

Then he took it and it was so hot.

I was pretty scared.

My dad had never smoked weed before and I was nervous.

I didn’t want to take it, but I knew I could have a relapse later.

I decided to call the police.

They found the crack pipe in my father’s apartment, and I got arrested for possession of cocaine.

The police confiscated my dad’s marijuana.

The cops told me that it wasn’t a big deal because I had a prior conviction for marijuana possession.

I’m lucky because my mom had a better attitude.

She told me I could do anything I wanted to my boyfriend if I wanted, and she didn’t care if I was addicted.

She took me to a counselor and my dad said, “I’m going to quit this addiction, so if you need me, I’ll be back on my medication.”

So my mom took me back to my dad and we’ve been together ever since.

I love my dad dearly and I want him to keep on helping me.

I’ve been clean ever since and I’m happy.

I was always in trouble for marijuana, but my dad always put it behind him.

I’m so lucky.

The drug has changed my life.

Now I’m living with a girlfriend and a dog.

I still have some of my old friends and some old acquaintances.

I can finally relax, which I love doing.

But the only thing that has changed is the way I interact with people.

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