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Degree Information Systems,Informatics,Informs the Faculty and staff of the Faculty of Information Systems.

The degree is an accredited master of the art in information technology.

It prepares students to be the best information technology professionals in Canada.

The Bachelor of Information Technology (IT) Bachelor of Science degree prepares graduates for career options in the fields of information technology, information management, information services, and management consulting.

The bachelor of science degree provides the students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to develop skills and abilities in the following areas:•Information systems management•Information technologies management management•Management consulting•Information security•Business administrationInformation systems provides an integrated approach to information and information technology activities.

Information systems involve a wide range of topics related to information systems, including business operations, IT and business analytics, information security, and digital media.

The Bachelor of IT Bachelor of Arts (BA), is an academic degree in Information Systems (IT), which provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of information systems.

The BAs Bachelor of Education (BEd) is a comprehensive academic degree program for students who wish to specialize in the study of information and technology.

The program prepares students for careers in information systems management, Information Systems Management (ISM), Information Technology, Information Services (ITIS), Information Services Administration (ISSA), Information Systems Research (ISR), Information and Information Technology and Cybersecurity (IITC) management.

The Information Systems Bachelor of Art (BAAs) prepares students in information and systems administration for the information technology profession.

This is the second degree in the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), after the Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.BCS is an integrated, multi-disciplinary degree program designed to develop students for the Information Systems and Information Systems Administration (ITS and ITSS) fields of expertise.

Students are required to have a minimum of four years of computer science and four years in the bachelor of arts degree program.

The degree prepares students as IT professionals to meet the requirements of their respective careers.

The IT Bachelor is an advanced degree program that prepares graduates to lead successful IT organizations in Canada and internationally.

The bachelor of IT degree provides students with a unique and highly developed knowledge and understanding of information system management and information systems operations.

The program prepares graduates in the IT field with the skills and experience needed to effectively work with information systems in a wide variety of corporate settings.

Information Systems Bachelor’s degree is designed to enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies required for the successful career in information services.

This bachelor of information services degree is in a combination of courses from the BCom Master of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students completing this program must possess a bachelor’s degree in information technologies and a bachelor of business administration in their area of specialization.

Students who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Bachelor of Commerce degree.

The students are required for a minimum three years of professional experience in information system administration and the IT Bachelor in the Information Technology fields of specialization and must be actively engaged in the work of the company.

The students must also possess a minimum two years of academic experience and a minimum five years of working experience in the field of information technologies.

This degree provides a unique, comprehensive and hands-on knowledge of the business and technology requirements of the Information Services and IT Services Administration fields of specialisation.

The Business and Technology Bachelor’s (BCT) degree provides graduates with the expertise to be a critical and proactive leader in the business of information.

This certificate program provides students in the information and communications technology field with a comprehensive and highly specialized education in the skills required to lead a successful information services and IT services organization.

The business and technological bachelor’s (BTM) degree is a bachelor degree program which prepares students and graduates for the career of information service providers and administrators in Canada, the international arena, and the global marketplace.

The BA program provides a rigorous curriculum that prepares students with advanced knowledge of a wide array of industry-specific topics.

The BCT degree program prepares the students to lead organizations in a variety of industries, such as information services administration, information technology management, IT, and information services operations.

This program prepares student to lead teams of people in a global network of organizations.

The information and communication technology Bachelor’s program prepares candidates to lead and lead teams in a broad range of organizations, including information services organizations, information systems administrators, information and digital communications management organizations, and organizations in the healthcare industry.

This Bachelor’s certificate program prepares prospective and current graduates with skills and expertise needed to lead companies in information service and information service operations.

The Graduate Certificate of Information and Communications Technologies (GCIT) is an online program that provides students the opportunity to take advantage of the skills developed in the BCS and BCom programs, and to gain further training in the subject matter covered by the certificate program.

GCIT is designed for students with specific interests and competences.

The GCIT Certificate

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