How to deal with your Facebook account privacy policy

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FourFourThree: What to know about Facebook privacy policy.

Facebook’s privacy policy explains how users can opt out of the service’s sharing, and how Facebook can prevent others from exploiting your account.

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Read more Facebook’s Privacy Policy What you need to know if you are using Facebook on a device with a fingerprint reader or a fingerprint sensor What you should know if Facebook is collecting data from you: Facebook will never sell your information, but Facebook will share it with third parties Facebook will only share data with people who ask for it Facebook is required to collect your consent for the use of your personal information Facebook will disclose information about how you use Facebook to its partners Facebook will use your information only for the purposes that are consistent with Facebook’s stated privacy policy, and only for people who have consented to the use Facebook will not use your data to provide advertisements or send unsolicited marketing messages Facebook will post an unsubscribe link if you cancel your Facebook Account and ask it to do so Facebook may collect and use information from your account to contact you Facebook may use your personal data for internal marketing purposes only if Facebook has your consent and only if you have not told Facebook to stop using your personal details Facebook will delete your account if you change your mind about using it, even if you’ve told Facebook that you want to continue using the service Facebook will make any changes to your account in response to your request for it to delete your information Facebook may combine your data with information provided by others in the Facebook ecosystem, including advertising networks Facebook may share your information with third-party service providers Facebook may store your information in its data centers for the purpose of processing payments and other transactions, and in accordance with applicable laws Facebook may disclose your information to third parties for aggregate purposes and aggregate processing Facebook will continue to collect and process your information about you unless you notify Facebook that it no longer wishes to receive such information Facebook can block your account from appearing in its News Feed or News Feeds for any reason, including for fraud Facebook will notify you of any changes that may occur to your information under your account settings Facebook may delete your Facebook information if it no long exists and you no longer wish to receive it Facebook may restrict or delete your data based on your use of the Services, including on account management and other reasons.

What you can do if you think your information has been collected without your consent: You may choose to stop collecting your information.

You can do this by contacting Facebook, reporting the violation, and letting it know that you no long want to receive the information.

Facebook will take steps to correct the error and remove the information that it has collected.

You may also opt out from Facebook using one of the ways detailed in our privacy policy: Select the “opt out” option at the top of your page or on the right side of any of your posts.

In the Privacy Policy section, click the “Manage my information” link.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can visit Facebook’s Help Center to learn more.

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