A young woman who won’t take part in the National Anthem says she wants to stay out of politics


A young Canadian woman has told CBC News she won’t participate in the national anthem as a gesture of protest after her university cancelled her application to become a student union president.

Kari Lynn White told CBC she was inspired to take a stand by the actions of her hometown, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which she said has a history of anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

White said her school cancelled her job application last fall after she publicly said she wanted to be a union president in a Facebook post in support of transgender rights.

“It was a very small step to take, and I was really shocked by the response that I got.

I think the university did the right thing,” White said.

White told the CBC that she is in her final year of a masters in arts in sociology, and is considering a career in education.

White is the first transgender person to be elected to the Saskatoon branch of the University of Saskatchewan Union.

The university said it has received hundreds of complaints about White’s post.

The University of Regina said in a statement that it is committed to equality and diversity, and has since rescinded the decision.

“In light of the events that took place in the U of R and the university’s ongoing efforts to address systemic discrimination and anti-transgender attitudes, the U and the entire Saskatchewan community are committed to making progress on a range of issues,” the statement read.