How to stop the spread of a viral infection in your family

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With a new coronavirus scare hitting the country, the public is asking for more details.

We’re trying to get some of the best information that we can out to the public, and that’s what this guide is for,” Dr. Daniel Gorman, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Melbourne’s Institute for Health Information and Public Policy, told News24.

Dr. Gorman said he had seen many parents and grandparents get infected, but he said they usually did not want to reveal this information because they knew they had a high chance of catching it.”

So they tend to avoid talking about it at all.

It may be something that’s not particularly concerning to them, but for others it may be an issue that they have to deal with,” he said.

But this is one area where the public needs to know.

Dr Gorman told News 24 people should check their household information and take care when sharing information with their children.”

We’ve been hearing a lot about this new coronivirus scare, and I think the biggest thing that parents need to understand is that this virus has not been found in the household.

So if you’re going to share information, it’s important that you know what you’re sharing and what you are sharing,” he explained.

In order to get the most out of the guide, parents can check out Dr Gorman’s website or the FAQ page on the official Health and Safety website.”

They should really make sure that they read and understand the FAQ and then they should ask questions,” he advised.