Students have begun sharing information about coronaviruses with friends


The University of Auckland’s undergraduate students have begun circulating the information on the coronaviral pandemic to their friends and colleagues, sharing details about how to avoid getting the virus and how to stay safe.

The students, who are mostly in their 20s, are using the hashtag #COVID17 to share information about how coronavillosis is spread, including how to prevent becoming infected, how to monitor for symptoms and how it can be treated.

They have also shared some tips to keep themselves and others safe.

Dr Matthew Taggart, one of the students who started the project, said the students were not doing it for financial gain but to encourage each other to get the word out.

“I think it’s quite amazing the impact this is having and it’s a great way for students to come together,” he said.

“It’s quite a good learning experience.”

Dr Taggard said students were also sharing information on how to spread the virus through social media.

“This is not just an educational project but it’s an incredibly important one,” he added.

Dr Taggan said it was important to help students who had not been exposed to the virus.

“If they are in an unfamiliar city and their family is not around, they can do a lot of good by spreading the virus to them,” he told ABC Radio Auckland.

“They can also help to educate the public by sharing information so that people can be more aware of the virus.”

Dr John McManus, a clinical immunologist, said he did not think the students’ initiative would have been possible without the work of the University of Queensland.

“There is a real community here, there are a lot more students here, they’re very aware of how to be safe and how they can get the virus, he said, adding that students were sharing their own personal stories.”

The idea is not to spread misinformation, it’s to spread information to inform others about the importance of the infection and the importance that we should take very seriously.

“The students’ effort was part of a national campaign to help spread awareness about the coronovirus.

Dr McManuses said students had been working on the project for three years and had not seen the spread of the pandemic this far.”

These are the sort of students that are working really hard, they’ve been very diligent and they’re doing all of this without any funding,” he explained.

The university is asking anyone with information about the outbreak to contact the student’s office on 1800 022 022 or via email [email protected]